Sarah Marlowe

Assistant Professor of Music Theory, NYU Steinhardt

New York University                                                                                                                                                 2012–Present
Assistant Professor and Director of Music Theory 2019–Present
Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Music Theory                                                                         2014–2019
Visiting Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Music Theory                                                               2013–2014
Visiting Instructor and Associate Director of Music Theory                                                                               2012–2013

Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester                                                                                              2006–2013
Ph.D., Music Theory, October 2013
Dissertation: “Fugue in Context: A Schenkerian Approach to Select Works by J.S. Bach and Dmitri Shostakovich” 

University of Massachusetts Amherst                                                                                                                      2003–2006
M.M., Music Theory and Accompanying
Thesis: “Unity in Robert Schumann’s Kinderszenen, op. 15, as Determined through a Study of Voice Leading, Harmony, Motive, and Narrative”

University of Massachusetts Amherst                                                                                                                       1998-2002
B. Mus., Piano Performance, cum laude

NYU Steinhardt Teaching Excellence Award (2018)
NYU Steinhardt Goddard Junior Faculty Fellowship (2017–2018)
Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award, MTSNYS (2013)
Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student, University of Rochester (2010)
Teaching Assistant Prize, Eastman School of Music (2008)
Howard M. Lebow Scholarship, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2005)
Dr. Richard M. Ziter Music Scholarship, North Adams, MA (1998–2002; 2003–2005)
Refereed Journal Articles
Marlowe, S. (forthcoming). “Schenkerian Analysis of Fugue: A Practical Demonstration.” Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy 33 (2019).

Marlowe, S. 2018. "A Taxonomy for Teaching Written Theory: J. S. Bach and Lessons in Invertible Counterpoint." BACH: Journal of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute 49/2: 365–387.

Marlowe, S. 2014. “Tonal Answers and Their Role Within Fugal Expositions: Two Revised Paradigms.” Theory and Practice 39: 47–73.

Invited Book Chapters and Edited Journals
Marlowe, S. 2016. "On Teaching Counterpoint: Issues of Pedagogy, Textbook Selection, and a Detailed Review of Two Textbooks by Douglass M. Green and Evan Jones." Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy 30: 221–244. 

Marlowe, S. 2018. "Integrating Schenkerian Concepts with the Undergraduate Theory Curriculum." In The Norton Guide to Teaching Music Theory, edited by Rachel Lumsden and Jeffrey Swinkin, 56–78. New York: W. W. Norton & Company.

Conference Presentations & Invited Lectures
Marlowe, S. 2018. “Moving Beyond the Descriptive to the Interpretive: Analytical Applications for Harmony and Counterpoint.” Invited lecture as part of residency at the Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam, November 16–17.

Marlowe S. 2017. "Testing Schenker's Theory Through Fugal Analysis." Invited lecture as Guest Artist in Residence at the University of Oklahoma, October 30–November 1.

Lofthouse, C. and S. Marlowe. 2016. "Pushing the Boundaries: Mismatch and Overlap in Shostakovich's 'Classical Structures.' Presented at the Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) Session, Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 3–6.

Marlowe, S. 2016. “A Schenkerian View of Shostakovich’s ‘Modal-Tonal’ Language.” To be presented at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Society of Music Theory, Albuquerque, NM, April 22–23.

Marlowe, S. 2015. “Harmonic Ambiguity as Narrative in J.S. Bach’s Fugue in D major (WTCII).” Presented at the Keele Music Analysis Conference, Keele University, England, July 8–10.

Marlowe, S. 2013. “On the Subject of Tonal Answers: A Closer Look at William Renwick’s Paradigms.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Music Theory Society of New York State, April 6–7.

Marlowe, S. 2012. “A Difficult Subject: Toward a Pedagogy for Graphing Fugues.” Presented at the Buffalo Graduate Symposium on Music, March 3–4.

Graduate Review of Tonal Theory (NYU)
Aural Comprehension I (NYU)
Applied Counterpoint/18th-Century Counterpoint (NYU)
Applied Counterpoint/16th-Century Counterpoint (NYU)
Seminar in Music Theory: Schenkerian Analysis (NYU)
Seminar in Music Theory: Analyzing Tonal Forms (NYU)
Seminar in Music Theory: The Dissolution of Tonality (NYU)
Seminar in Music Theory: Canon & Fugue (NYU)
Theory, Analysis, and Musicianship Review (Eastman School of Music)                 
Model Composition and Tonal Analysis III–IV (Eastman School of Music)
Model Composition and Tonal Analysis I–II: Intensive (Eastman School of Music)
Musicianship I-IV (Eastman School of Music)
Aural Skills I–IV (T.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Service to the Discipline
Associate Editor, SMT Newsletter (three-year term, effective November 2019)
Co-editor, Theory & Practice (2016–2019)
Moderator, Pedagogy Panel hosted by NYU GSAS Music Department Colloquium Series (2017)
Member, Selection Committee for Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award (2016, 2017)
Session Chair, (MTSNYS) Music Theory Society of New York State (2016, 2017)
Participant, SMT (Society for Music Theory) AP® Music Theory Outreach Project   (2016)
Member, Society for Music Theory 2015 Committee on Workshop Programs (2014–2015)
Elected Board Member, MTSNYS (2013–2015; 2015–2017)
Co-organizer, Local Arrangements 2014 meeting of MTSNYS at New York University
Journal Reviewer, Music and the Moving Image (2012)

Service to NYU Steinhardt, Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions
Program Director, Music Theory & History (2019–Present)
Associate Program Director of Music Theory (2012–2019)
Member, Committee on Courses and Programs (2013–2017; 2019–Present)
Member, Doctoral Faculty

Service to the Community
Organizer, NYC Music Theory & Ear Training Pedagogy Group (2015-Present)            

Professional Activities
Workshop participant
NYU Steinhardt Writing Retreat at Easton’s Nook, Newark, NJ (Summer 2018, 2019)
Methods in Empirical Music Research: A Workshop for Music Scholars, led by Dr. David Huron, Ohio State University (May 2015)
NYU Classes Workshop (Fall 2014)
SMT Graduate Student Workshop in Schenkerian Analysis led by Dr. Poundie Burstein (Fall 2009)

Additional Teaching & Professional Experience (Selected)
Graduate Instructor, Eastman School of Music (2010–2012)
Teaching Assistant, Eastman School of Music (2006–2010)
Sight-Singing/Ear Training Instructor, Music Horizons, Eastman Community Music School (Summer 2008–11)
Music Theory Instructor, Hochstein School of Music & Dance, Rochester, NY (Summer 2009)
Teaching Assistant, Aural Skills I–IV, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2003–2006)
Music Teacher, St. Mark Middle School & St. Stanislaus Koska School, Pittsfield & Adams, MA (2002–2003)
Departmental Assistant (Undergraduate T.A.), University of Massachusetts Amherst (2001–2002)

Professional Memberships
Society for Music Theory (2004–Present)
Music Theory Society of New York State (2011–Present)
College Music Society (2015–Present)